I’m trying to present a girl who, in a hospital, recalls her beloved that she has lost. I intend to make the special meaning of this picture understandable at the first glance, so that you are able to picture the sweet memories they have ever had. I use HairFarm and Hairtrix to make hair, which is interesting. The edge of the dress I use to make the Max Path Deform modifier.I use the smoke made fume plugin man, and finally in Photoshop of synthesis.If it’s alright,I want to try to use a Max particle system performance ghost effect.  —Yonglin Yao


I was lucky to had chance to work on Leah for D3 cinematics [Diablo III by Blizzard]. I was responsible for the model, texturing and look dev. Had a good time to dev the look with lighters. Also dev animated displ technique to enhance the facial. Overall, good experience, and good team work. Also, we won this year’s E3 “Into the pixel” art collection with many other amazing game art works!  —Xin Wang


Several years ago I came across a book in a bookstore that had some images of Lavoirs from France.  I really liked the architecture and the romanticized idea of people in a community gathering at their town’s lavoir to clean their laundry and themselves etc.  The idea to create a rendering of a lavoir has stuck with me since then but until recently I didn’t own a computer powerful enough to render to the level of detail that I had in mind.  I also lacked free time to do a project like this since my professional work keeps me pretty busy.  Things slowed down recently and I saw an opportunity and I took it.  —Tim Jones

Natanz Minaret

The real Natanz Minaret was an almost ruined structure until 70s. It’s a huge sign of Iranian brickwork tradition. I had a rare and interesting photo of the ruined time from the appreciating Scorpion Publishing, so I started to make the entire Minaret but the head part gave me a good shot and details of bricks was really interesting, therefore I just focused on head and left the other parts.  —Alireza Seifi