Box Character [series]

This character is not created by me is one of the famous manga Yotsuba… I was inspired by the work of photographer Anton Tang… the first time I came across this work I immediately wanted to reproduce some of his work in bringing my personal touch and that’s what happens…  —Herve Adjam Sodangbe

Rock Chick

The image was commissioned by an advertising agency, along with 11 others for a calendar for an electronics component company. Through client indecision and changes, I created a total of 17 anime styled female characters for the project from DJ’s, a fighter pilot, a halloween she devil to a fashion model and a coast guard 🙂  —Adam Benton

X-23 vs Lady Deathstrike

Diorama. here’s the Zbrush images of the piece* note that the snow is different, we changed that at the end, but I didn’t do any complete rotations with the new snow. *along with one image of the printed/cast/painted piece. Paints by Kat Sapene. Prints by Morpheus.  —Adam Ross

Black Wires

This is a work derived of a previous freelance work. I was commissioned to create different outfits and themes for two different girls and a dude. I had to rebuild the original model from scratch for this task. After that I decided to create several different pin-ups in hi-res with better materials, light and textures, being this the second one of a series of 9.  —Carlos Ortega Elizalde