The Dome

The Dome was actually part of a much larger piece, a Matte Painting showing the vienna skyline. but now after modeling and texturing most of the stuff and getting inspired by old paintings i went for some close up’s. well, most of it was crap, as in gettign to close. but with some tweaking i ended up with that. Thanks to Javier and thanks to everyone looking at my work.  —Steffen Wiesener


Hi, First I would like to thank God for helping me achieve this great image. I’m working as a senior 3d Architectural visualizer in Realimage company. This image is called “Neighborhood” and the interesting part in this picture is the landscaping and dramatic mood. Thanks  🙂  —Adeel Hameed

Vienna Airlines

In the course of the reconstruction of the Viennese Prater, the new attraction “Vienna Airlines” was developed. It´s a motion ride attraction where approx. 30 persons stand on a flexible platform which moves simultaneously with the camera in the shown movie. With Vienna Airlines, these 30 persons fly over the roofs of Vienna. And believe it or not, everything you see in the movie was generated 100% on the computer. It took six month to photograph textures, animate camera path, objects,… and to model objects and buildings. And don’t forget the massive rendering time and compositing time.  —immortal-arts

Vienna Airlines Motionride Wiener Prater

Under the Southern Highway

There isn’t too much I have in mind to say about this artwork. I’ve tried to capture some sort of grayness of life as a man gets older and older as he starts to burn down slowly. Tired of world and its ridiculous patethism. Looking around and see things which I’ve never noticed or needed to notice before as life goes on day after day and priorities of everyday life are changing. Just for the record it is not meant to be some sort of protective image of mothers or old architecture but the coalition/composition of slightly contrasting elements which do exist together and create special places. Whole scene is done as models. No photography used.  —Marek Denko

Rising Sun

I have worked 2 weeks to make the image and all of it is 3d and composed in Nuke. I used 5 lights, mental ray, skyportals, photometrics and mental ray area. Most of the materials are archdesign and the textures are made in photoshop. I use zbrush for the modeling of some pieces.  —Alberto Trujillo

Rain Street

This architectural rendering is one of my personal works designed for the front cover of the new book. With the focus on the streetscape after the rain, this image intends to illustrate the subtle variation of colors. The bleak and depressed atmosphere is vividly created to show the streetscape after the rain, offering a particular visage of the ancient European architecture.  —Zhang Naigang