Gameworlds: Flying Bike

This is one of the images from my diploma project “Gameworlds”, which deals with the translocation of “everyday normal people” into fictional worlds (which can happen by means of any medium like films or books, but the idea was inspired by computer games, thus the project title). For this picture I photographed the grandma and composed her with 3D elements (in this case the flying war-bike and the megapolis background), and a bit of digital painting in Photoshop, which is my main tool. Those attackers better watch their ass now, because Grandma is coming to kick it! 😉  —Dimitri Zaitsev

Vienna Airlines

In the course of the reconstruction of the Viennese Prater, the new attraction “Vienna Airlines” was developed. It´s a motion ride attraction where approx. 30 persons stand on a flexible platform which moves simultaneously with the camera in the shown movie. With Vienna Airlines, these 30 persons fly over the roofs of Vienna. And believe it or not, everything you see in the movie was generated 100% on the computer. It took six month to photograph textures, animate camera path, objects,… and to model objects and buildings. And don’t forget the massive rendering time and compositing time.  —immortal-arts

Vienna Airlines Motionride Wiener Prater


I made this image for a contest called “Night Lights”. The night lights of my image are those of an ufo, silently flying above a country road. The idea was a just happened alien abduction, without witnesses. I imagine the car retrieval, the next morning: headlights shut off, battery dead and no clues about the driver…  —Eder Carfagnini


This is one of the images from my diploma project “Gameworlds”, which deals with the translocation of real people into fictional worlds, both visually and as regard to contents. The idea was inspired by computer games, thus the project title. The project consists of five compositions, each at 11811x8350px, so the pictures could be printed in 100×70 cm at 300 ppi. I dressed and photographed the actors and composed them with 3D elements (in this case the entire submarine room and the tentacles), multiple other photos, and a bit of digital painting in Photoshop. In this picture I used Cinema 4D to make the submarine, Z-Brush for the tentacles, Real Flow for the water from the ceiling, and the rest is Photoshop.  —Dimitri Zaitsev

Rock Chick

The image was commissioned by an advertising agency, along with 11 others for a calendar for an electronics component company. Through client indecision and changes, I created a total of 17 anime styled female characters for the project from DJ’s, a fighter pilot, a halloween she devil to a fashion model and a coast guard 🙂  —Adam Benton

Male Portrait

So here’s the finished version of the character I’ve been working on recently. I used 3ds max for scene setup, zbrush for sculpting, texturing and hair, vray for rendering and photoshop for textures and compositing. I also used topogun for retopology and cinema 4d for some minor tweaking and modeling, for example the eyes, eyelashes, lacrimal fluid geometry etc. That’s because I’m more familiar with c4d than with 3ds max.  —Artur Tarnowski


I had this idea about creating this industrial abandoned place for a while and photographed many of those places for years and wanted to try to create one of those in 3d from sketch. This is the result, i just modeled this rough concrete building, it was a bit inspired by piranesi’s prisons, subject I’ve deeply studied in architecture school and by some german old factories that i visited in Essen.  —Christopher Malheiros