Sunset Dream

It developed out of an experiment in creating huge rocks out of primitives, here a sphere. Lots of spheres squeezed and positioned upon each other were combined into one shape with Vue’s unique metablob ability. This form can be used as such or baked into one polygonmesh and made into real looking rock by creating a material – using a photo as base and adding displacement and fractal layers – and painting on an ecosystem of plants. In my screenshot of the program you still can see the modified spheres the rocks where build of.  —Britta Jacobs

Flowers in Full Bloom

In last year , I had a glance at one photograph, so I intended to describe it in CG. Due to my busy business work, I have done it until recently . I modified environment and tones, and added some drops for detail. I comparatively like softness luminous for making tranquil environment effect.  —Chengbin Du

Time Under The Trees (series)

My target was to study how different lighting conditions change the mood of an image, how materials react to nature and seasons, how light shapes and defines our environment. So, I wanted to keep the same camera shot when things are changing. It was fun for me to work on this scene, and I have learned many new things while working on it.  —Alfa Smyrna


This image is drawn in SketchUp 8 pro, the flowers were modeled from scratch using only SU native tools, the grass was generated with the fur plugin, the rendering process is due to V-ray 1.49.01. Environment treatment, channel correction, blur, and filters were processed in Photoshop cS5, and as the scene is made or rather was created for practice.  —Alberto Constantino