Sunset Dream

It developed out of an experiment in creating huge rocks out of primitives, here a sphere. Lots of spheres squeezed and positioned upon each other were combined into one shape with Vue’s unique metablob ability. This form can be used as such or baked into one polygonmesh and made into real looking rock by creating a material – using a photo as base and adding displacement and fractal layers – and painting on an ecosystem of plants. In my screenshot of the program you still can see the modified spheres the rocks where build of.  —Britta Jacobs

Gameworlds: Flying Bike

This is one of the images from my diploma project “Gameworlds”, which deals with the translocation of “everyday normal people” into fictional worlds (which can happen by means of any medium like films or books, but the idea was inspired by computer games, thus the project title). For this picture I photographed the grandma and composed her with 3D elements (in this case the flying war-bike and the megapolis background), and a bit of digital painting in Photoshop, which is my main tool. Those attackers better watch their ass now, because Grandma is coming to kick it! 😉  —Dimitri Zaitsev

Facebook Page

Finally I decided to star a Facebook page, so if you like the blog feel free to “like” it. 😎

The fan page will be open to all those works that the people want to recommend, personal creations or works that you like and that you think they can inspire more people. See you there….


I run into some technical troubles at Facebook between the Picture of the Day page, my Personal Page and my Professional Page so sadly this option is back to the “draft board” until further notice.


The books are all real antique book covers – I wanted to illustrate how a book can take you into a world full of imagination and adventures. The books and some of the architecture was modeled in 3ds max, and the scene was composited and rendered in Vue.  —Cynthia Decker

Fabrik Planeten

I know, I know – another industrial environment with shitty weather. What can I say? I started playing around and it just happened. Maybe I secretly wish I was back home in Seattle? Yeah, doubtful, but I do rather like my sci-fi scenes to be dreary, so enjoy it for what it is and try not to get too depressed.  —Jacob Charles Dietz