Daegu Public Library competition

The project for the new Daegu Gosan Public Library [by Kim Hyun Seok, Alberto Casarotto, Linda Larice] – a new hub of culture, knowledge and relationships – draws upon the idea of public “space”, which is open, visible and recognizable by anyone. The building draws inspiration from and imitates the lightness of turning the pages of a book through the superimposition of four main floor slabs that partially fold in the wind.  —Cristian Chierici

Family House in Slovakia

Series of several exterior architectural visualizations made for Slovak architectural studio W8D. This is a nice minimal modern style, standing against typical Slovak catalog houses, raised up in abnormal speed in Slovakia nowadays.  —Matúš Nedecký · Flying Architecture

Parametric Architecture

A couple of Parametric Architecture projects. The diagrams are those which generate the form, this diagram (algorithm) is called “definition” and is a series of algorithms that generate the geometry (generative design) based on certain parameters (parametric design) that can be updated at “real time” generating an “x” amount of different geometries, the “parameters” are the bars that are at the beginning of the definition.  —Angel Quintana

Zabeel Tower

This project was my entry to the 2009 edition of Thyssen Krupp international competition. The aim was to design an iconic tower located in the Zabeel Park in Dubai. The main feature of the tower lies in its envelope. It is made of hundreds of sails cut in a special fabric that captures water from dew. This is possible because all these sails can unfold at night to collect water from dew. They then collapse during the day, providing an efficient protection against the sun.  —Mekene Images