Steampunk Buggy

Car for the CG animated short Exoids at Gnomon Studios. I modeled, textured and rigged this car for the short based on the original design of Nathan Healy. You can watch the short in here  —Diego González

Torana Concept

I wanted to create this concept because I thought it would be fun to update the Torana more true to its roots. I did a quick sketch and started modeling. After a few mods, I had the design I was looking for.  —Bruce Lee

Immersion “TwinMill”

Agency didn’t have a cad model so I ended up modeling the car from photographs of the real live car. Once the spot finished I wanted to bring out a nice render to show of the car. Spend some nice time modeling in all the detail from the actual car and this is another way to show it of. I always wanted to not just build a car, but something unique and fun. This was a fun project and glad it turned out good. In this still i did the lighting Render in maya mental ray and post in Nuke.  —Felix Esau Urquiza

Wal-Mart 2161

Originally commercial project where client wanted model for portfolio from simple artwork. The rest was up to me, I made it in style of Fallout world, where I spent some time:) A year later I get back to this project and to finish it as my personal work. I changed few things and added some stuff but primarily I finished environment. Everything is 3D except sky and fog.  —Brano Florian