2 Houses in Ponte de Lima

2 Houses Ponte de Lima by Simone Brombin (t)This is a reconstruction of the 2 houses in Ponte de Lima by famed architect Souto de Moura. This work has been done to study the composition of the 3D scene and in detail, the ambient light, vegetation and all the post-processing work. First, I wanted to experiment with different lighting conditions, such as a sunny day, sunset and sunrise. I used different lighting techniques to recreate the right atmospheric conditions as VRaySun and VRaySky or HDRI lighting. Simone Brombin

Family House in Slovakia

Series of several exterior architectural visualizations made for Slovak architectural studio W8D. This is a nice minimal modern style, standing against typical Slovak catalog houses, raised up in abnormal speed in Slovakia nowadays.  —Matúš Nedecký · Flying Architecture

Country Home

“Country Home” is a work for presentation in the U.S. where there is a unique and traditional architecture. For this reason we chose to present it in a simple everyday environment, with a warm feeling throughout the scene and giving priority to shine the work of architecture. The 3D model is based on a house from 3ddd.ru,  Which we improve and to which were added tiles, cover, curtains, interiors, etc. to tile, cover, curtains, interiors, etc., in addition to put all the materials of the house and do all the garden scene . For lighting we used a Hdri, which is also visible, and VRaySun.  —Nicolas Molina

Lake Lugano

A set of images that I started last year inspired having returned from http://www.stateofartacademy.com/academyday2en.php.I had to work with what I could get hold of which included small resolution plan and section information off the architects www.jma.it website. I started blocking the massing of the upper part of the house and then worked in as much of details I could referencing the photography they also have available. Environment lighting for the set used Peter Guthrie’s HDRI’s placed into Dome lights and messing around with reduced gamma value’s to get a bit more punch out of them.  —James Pickford

Werntoft House

Hi my name is Reinaldo Handaya. I am from Indonesia. This Bergman Werntoft house is actually is my work for Facebook group kampoeng3d which the modeler is my closes friend Rio Febrian, who wrote an article in here too. While doing this challenge i found out that the basic model can be combined with the Bergman Werntoft house design. And actually i do like this house because its simplicity. The challenge doing this work is on the texturing technique also creating the perfect shader for the concrete, wall wood plank also the wood deck.  —Reinaldo Handaya

Siek Box House

This is my work for challenge the facebook group “3D Render Party”, and this box house is the 5th season of this group’s challenges. The building model was provided by Arya Siek (the organizer/administrator of this group/challenge). But I remodeled this whole part of the house because I wanted to put some details with chamfered edges on every corner edge. I believe in reality most of the corner edges around us are chamfered, not sharp like a knife. I also made some details like screw heads on the railing.  —Rio Febrian