Lake House

Author: C. Negradas Jr.

Software: 3ds Max + V-Ray + Photshop

Description: I am always fascinated in natures beauty, living with nature is one of my dream away from busy city life. I made this scene during my free time based on what was on my mind. did some freehand sketches first then modeled and rendered the scene in 3ds max, vray and in Photoshop.

Siempre me a fascinado la belleza de la naturaleza, convivir con la naturaleza es uno de mis sueños, lejos de la ajetreada vida urbana. Hice esta escena durante mi tiempo libre en base a lo que me imaginaba. hice primero algunos bocetos a mano alzada para despues modelar y completar la escena 3ds max, vray y Photoshop.