Mazda CX7

A recent render of Mazda CX7 model, completely created in 3d max and V-ray, for the environment vegetation i used multiscatter (trees and shrubs). For the first and last view, i tried the camera panning effect – which i used to do in automobile photography. for achieving this i animated the car and camera along, gave a low shutter speed to V-ray physical cam.  —Ifthikhar Abdul Nasser

Mustang Mach 1

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1, probably my favorite car of all time. I used to own one of these bad boys which was my motivation for making it in 3D. Brought back a lot of good memories. The car is mostly modeled in 3ds Max and rendered using vray on a photo backplate.  —Tom Isaksen

City Escape

“After covertly retrieving the vital intelligence from a known terrorist cell, our secret agent heads off to deliver the package to HQ. Realizing the data has been stolen the terrorist cell take flight in their helicopter and are quickly on his tail. Can he make it back to HQ alive and deliver the package?”

I have learn a lot from creating this image and have really enjoyed the process. I have also found my girlfriend has quite a keen eye for an image as she has helped a lot during this project.  —Will Elliott

Jaguar Mark 2

Jaguar Mark 2 3,8 Litre 1959 yr. The work was done as an illustration for a magazine. Unfortunately I can not say anything more about it due to confidentiality. Working on the model I usually make additional drawings from photographs, and combine the model with a photo for a better accuracy. The environment is not fully detailed because the client material almost never adjusted. The job took me about two weeks.  —Khusnutdinov Nail

Immersion “TwinMill”

Agency didn’t have a cad model so I ended up modeling the car from photographs of the real live car. Once the spot finished I wanted to bring out a nice render to show of the car. Spend some nice time modeling in all the detail from the actual car and this is another way to show it of. I always wanted to not just build a car, but something unique and fun. This was a fun project and glad it turned out good. In this still i did the lighting Render in maya mental ray and post in Nuke.  —Felix Esau Urquiza