Debut of King

My name is Vitalii Misiutin and am happy to to show my work “Debut of the King”. First I want to thank Javier Diaz. Javier offered me to show my work on his blog and now I’m here, thanks again!. I did this work in 2011 with Maya and 3Delight. the scene was separated into four main parts: the main object, object blur, the model of the king and backup objects. All these parts were rendered separately and were composed in Nuke. One of the pictures was rendered in Maya for 12 minutes with all the layers and passes (with a free license of 3Delight v.10.0.4) This version of 3Delight uses only two processor cores. The render time in Nuke was 46 sec. Please write your comments about what you think of the work, your opinion is very important to me.  —Misiutin Vitalii

Flowers in Full Bloom

In last year , I had a glance at one photograph, so I intended to describe it in CG. Due to my busy business work, I have done it until recently . I modified environment and tones, and added some drops for detail. I comparatively like softness luminous for making tranquil environment effect.  —Chengbin Du


I was lucky to had chance to work on Leah for D3 cinematics [Diablo III by Blizzard]. I was responsible for the model, texturing and look dev. Had a good time to dev the look with lighters. Also dev animated displ technique to enhance the facial. Overall, good experience, and good team work. Also, we won this year’s E3 “Into the pixel” art collection with many other amazing game art works!  —Xin Wang

My Coach

This project is one of my personal artwork which I have done it after years of experiences. I got the simulation idea when I was all obsessed of my coach’s body style and i was really impressed, that is why I made a decision to work on it, thus I started to get over anatomy a little bit and then create it. I used Autodesk Maya to base model and the details been made in ZBrush. Character texture in ZBrush and other texture was painted in Adobe Photoshop. Lighting and rendering done in Maya with Mental Ray. The hair was done with shave and haircut plugin and composite layer in Nuke and Final output by Photoshop, because it was just an image style.  —Peyman Mokaram