David’s Bow

Throughout the Middle Ages to the present day, Michelangelo’s David has been erected on its pedestal. David is 5 meters by itself, and a total of 7 meters with the pedestal. No one can reach to David as to get out in the same picture in a photo. I dreamed that David crouched on one knee with his hand extended toward a child trying to reach him. The first was posing to David in his crouched position by using a low-poly model using Zbrush to detail it for four months, using a lot of reference photos from the internet. After all, the touching hands relate to another famous painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, the famous fragment of God and Adam.  —Taha Alkan

Master of Tortoises

This work of art is an expression of one of the famous paintings by Osman Hamdi Bey “Terbiyecisi Kaplumbaga – The Tortoise Trainer”. I tried to create a strong mood with light spreading to the general view. By the way, the master is the artist himself.  —Taha Alkan