Simple Interior

My name is Eduardo Câmara. I’m a 3D Artist and partner at 4u2see studio in Portugal. This was a personal project of a simple interior. The inspiration came from the work of the 3D master Bertrand Benoit and from the photographer Ditte Isager. The scene was to refresh some of my skills and dive in to Thea Render.  —Eduardo Câmara


[Scarecrow] It is an adaptation of a logo from a music group. The purpose of my 3d being to emphasize it in a different way, we perceive then the logotype differently, the light, the shadows, the materials and the textures completes the perception Blues of the music group.  —AbbY

Pink Palace

This image was created for the competition purpose “Winter 2011 – Amazing Architecture” where I won the 1st prize. The idea came from the animated movie “Coraline”. Since I watched that movie a couple times I have a plan to create something that will remember me by on that movie.  —Milan Stankovic


Creating this piece was a very liquid process. Without concept or plan, I jumped from idea to idea. Starting of with a spaceship, the skyport and sky followed shortly after. The composition slowly came to live, the colors started to develop and before I could say “finished”, I had a dreamy image.  —Soenke Maeter