I’ve been in the 3D game for over a dozen years now and in all this time I’ve resisted making the archetypical ‘Nude Woman In A Temple With A Sword’ image …until now, that is :)  So here she is in all her splendor: a Nude Woman. a Sword. a Temple, and even some Frikken Fairies thrown in for good measure.  —Gabriel “Blackhearted”

David’s Bow

Throughout the Middle Ages to the present day, Michelangelo’s David has been erected on its pedestal. David is 5 meters by itself, and a total of 7 meters with the pedestal. No one can reach to David as to get out in the same picture in a photo. I dreamed that David crouched on one knee with his hand extended toward a child trying to reach him. The first was posing to David in his crouched position by using a low-poly model using Zbrush to detail it for four months, using a lot of reference photos from the internet. After all, the touching hands relate to another famous painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, the famous fragment of God and Adam.  —Taha Alkan


This character was made for the vray anniversary challenge. What the image represents is a historical moment in which the course of humanity was modified. A period where the world witnessed the evil in its purest state, luckily was left behind. The images shows Luther, a Colonel General (Oberstgruppenführer), which was the most important rank that an officer could reach.  —Sebastian Gomez

Sunset Dream

It developed out of an experiment in creating huge rocks out of primitives, here a sphere. Lots of spheres squeezed and positioned upon each other were combined into one shape with Vue’s unique metablob ability. This form can be used as such or baked into one polygonmesh and made into real looking rock by creating a material – using a photo as base and adding displacement and fractal layers – and painting on an ecosystem of plants. In my screenshot of the program you still can see the modified spheres the rocks where build of.  —Britta Jacobs


My initial idea was to go for a virtual pinup, but with the express decision not to over-sexualise her. I’ve been a fan of  Tara McPherson for a long time and although the final image doesn’t bear much resemblance to her work it did serve as a creative and directional springboard for me. I found some 60′s pinup photos of minidress clad girls lounging on the floor listening records and thought that these kind of images were iconic and fun to riff on. After more web research, the chair, headphones, tape recorder and set were quickly built and textured in less than a day and the composition was roughly laid out before doing first test poses.  —Nik Faulkner

Gameworlds: Flying Bike

This is one of the images from my diploma project “Gameworlds”, which deals with the translocation of “everyday normal people” into fictional worlds (which can happen by means of any medium like films or books, but the idea was inspired by computer games, thus the project title). For this picture I photographed the grandma and composed her with 3D elements (in this case the flying war-bike and the megapolis background), and a bit of digital painting in Photoshop, which is my main tool. Those attackers better watch their ass now, because Grandma is coming to kick it! 😉  —Dimitri Zaitsev