I’ve been in the 3D game for over a dozen years now and in all this time I’ve resisted making the archetypical ‘Nude Woman In A Temple With A Sword’ image …until now, that is :)  So here she is in all her splendor: a Nude Woman. a Sword. a Temple, and even some Frikken Fairies thrown in for good measure.  —Gabriel “Blackhearted”

Haunted House

The image was inspired by my ambition towards environments, especially medieval and mysterious settings. The building itself is inspired from the game World of Warcraft – Cataclysm. I have always loved this game’s art style and blending it with my own imagination seemed like an extremely enjoyable project to work on. The main focus was on the house from the very start, but the composition of the other objects and the environment was something I was experimenting with for a while. I’ve played with different camera angles as well and then finally chose one that is looking up on the house, to accentuate its dominance in this picture.  —Horváth Elöd


Creating this piece was a very liquid process. Without concept or plan, I jumped from idea to idea. Starting of with a spaceship, the skyport and sky followed shortly after. The composition slowly came to live, the colors started to develop and before I could say “finished”, I had a dreamy image.  —Soenke Maeter


The books are all real antique book covers – I wanted to illustrate how a book can take you into a world full of imagination and adventures. The books and some of the architecture was modeled in 3ds max, and the scene was composited and rendered in Vue.  —Cynthia Decker


Pretty stoked about the way this project turned out. Was a ton of work and a lot of late nights evolved.  I’ve been wanting to do a gladiator fantasy type project for some time now since its not a style I would normally do.  Got a say I could totally get into doing more stuff like this.  —Gregory Callahan