Lake House

I am always fascinated in natures beauty, living with nature is one of my dream away from busy city life. I made this scene during my free time based on what was on my mind. did some freehand sketches first then modeled and rendered the scene in 3ds max, vray and in Photoshop.  —C. Negradas Jr.


My latest work for William O’Brien Jr., Architect, vray everything, DOF, glare, bloom, fog, and all in one pass with almost no post production at all. I also used forest by itoosoft extensively. I am very grateful to my client for his patience and willingness to try new things. Some things I tested didn’t end up making it to the final images though! I tried making frost covered windows, and snow cover on the roofs, but they ended up being distracting to the architecture. Its easy to get carried away with small details and forget that the focus of all the images should be the architecture.  —Peter Guthrie


I was always fascinated by the idea behind this architectural design…of course at the time we did this, there was not enough time, to make it look “right”-so i decided, i’ll give it another try 🙂 Thanx 4 the opportunity to work on this beautiful project 4 Damian Jdanoff, owner of the Virtual-Architekts office in Dresden.  —Zoltán Koncz


(without description from the author) What most caught my attention is the quality and the friendly atmosphere to be drawn from the image. I wonder whether it will be an actual house or only a virtual building made for the elaboration of this project.