Making of Landscaping Black Sea Hotel

Author: Dimitar Gongalov

Description: I want to thank the architect Dimitar Gongalov for taking the time to do a description of his working process to develop his project Black Sea Hotel. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Quiero agradecer al arquitecto Dimitar Gongalov por tomarse el tiempo de hacer una descripción de su proceso de trabajo para elaborar su proyecto Black Sea Hotel. Espero que lo encuentren tan interesante como yo lo hice.

Landscaping Black Sea Hotel

The landscaping for the “Harmony Hotel Suites 3” (location: Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria) was made from scratch. The client could not give our study a clear direction for the vision of the garden. He only said, “I want a jungle, no asphalt or tiles are allowed, if possible – just grass.” He also showed us some pictures downloaded from the Internet. Some pictures were of Japanese gardens, and some were from New Zealand, photos of Hobbit houses made ​​for the film. So I decided to design a project with a more naturalistic look, more arched forms of streets and green areas. Every morning for a month of hard work, when I sat at my computer I did not know what would happen with the project at the end of the day, the ideas were running through my head all the time.  —Dimitar Gongalov