Daegu Public Library competition

The project for the new Daegu Gosan Public Library [by Kim Hyun Seok, Alberto Casarotto, Linda Larice] – a new hub of culture, knowledge and relationships – draws upon the idea of public “space”, which is open, visible and recognizable by anyone. The building draws inspiration from and imitates the lightness of turning the pages of a book through the superimposition of four main floor slabs that partially fold in the wind.  —Cristian Chierici

Brion Family Cementery

This is the Brion Vega family cemetery at San Vito Alitvole (Italy). I’ve modeled using my own shots (I went to the site that is 2 years old) because it is difficult to find blueprints on the web. I like the work of Carlo Scarpa. There are so many details.  —Romain Truffaut

Knot Knot Knot

[AC-CA] International Architecture Competition – [Amsterdam] Iconic Pedestrian Bridge: Honorable Mention.

Symbolism: a series of knots to connect the two sides wrapping the functions, describing loops.  —Olivier Riauté / KeurK – architecture, design graphique

Greek-Catolic Chatedral

The Greek-Catholic Cathedral project is located in Cipariu Square in Cluj Napoca. We had to finish a Greek-Catholic cathedral started at the beginning of the ninety’s after the communism fall. That was the moment Romanians had religious freedom again. The building started then rune out of money and it remained a ruin in the middle of Cluj Napoca near the National Theatre. In my proposal I kept the underground floor and the first floor with some minor changes and I have created an organic white shape representing the human spirituality.  —Mihai Pop

Iglesia de las Calatravas

The idea came from a photo I saw in the press of this church who was finishing of being reformed. I love the composition of the photo so I started looking for references to get down to work. Perhaps this is one of the scenes which I have devoted more time to modeling, and not because of the complexity but by the number of elements intended to show at the scene. My ultimate idea is that everything you see in the scene is my own material, ie, I don’t want to add any library object. Hence that do not appear people or vehicles.  —Cesar Martínez Alvaro

Not Everybody Made It Home

I was looking over my portfolio one day and was getting fed up of looking at ‘clean’, ‘perfect’ renders and thought to myself “ I want to create a render with mood, feeling ,emotion”. So following on from my passion for the war years, and working only minutes away from Brighton Station I came up with this idea. The idea behind the piece is a wife waiting at the station for troops to arrive home after the war… however, her husband never made it home… Hence the title of the piece ‘Not everybody made it home’.  —Rob Hicklin