Flowers in Full Bloom

In last year , I had a glance at one photograph, so I intended to describe it in CG. Due to my busy business work, I have done it until recently . I modified environment and tones, and added some drops for detail. I comparatively like softness luminous for making tranquil environment effect.  —Chengbin Du


Before sculpting Temptation I spent quite a long time studying traditional art features to fill the gap that I was missing and mulled over for further considerable time on what I really wanted to represent. When I had clear “what” and “how”, I started the project keeping in mind a few tips that some friends suggested me (like accuracy, time optimization and animation-ready wireframe).  —Fabio Prati


I came up with this concept last summer and I felt for doing it with more challenging attitude this time then usual. This is the most biggest personal project I’ve done so far. The most challenging part was the table and the ornaments. They are purely modeled in classic poly modeling way. The whole scene had 12 mil polygons in the end and 74 textures varying from 512 to 6k resolution size.  —Andrius Balciunas

Rising Sun

I have worked 2 weeks to make the image and all of it is 3d and composed in Nuke. I used 5 lights, mental ray, skyportals, photometrics and mental ray area. Most of the materials are archdesign and the textures are made in photoshop. I use zbrush for the modeling of some pieces.  —Alberto Trujillo


This is one of the images from my diploma project “Gameworlds”, which deals with the translocation of real people into fictional worlds, both visually and as regard to contents. The idea was inspired by computer games, thus the project title. The project consists of five compositions, each at 11811x8350px, so the pictures could be printed in 100×70 cm at 300 ppi. I dressed and photographed the actors and composed them with 3D elements (in this case the entire submarine room and the tentacles), multiple other photos, and a bit of digital painting in Photoshop. In this picture I used Cinema 4D to make the submarine, Z-Brush for the tentacles, Real Flow for the water from the ceiling, and the rest is Photoshop.  —Dimitri Zaitsev

Winter Garden

Hi! I am very happy with the result of my image. The inspiration came from a picture I found online, at first I was doing the same thing, but enjoying the picture, I felt something was missing. I started thinking and talking with my friends and we worked together to create this image, the tree and the fish were modeled by Antonio Peres and the water supply was done in Real-Flow by Igor Sacilotto. This image took me about 2 months using only my free time.  —Leandro Nicolaci