Close to the Edge (nudity)

My new artwork. Since 2007 I hadn’t found time or fancy to do some personal stuff. But in fall of 2010 I had an inspiration for a new artwork. My idea was to create an image, with a girl who sits at her window on a rainy day. To give beholders the largest possible room for interpretation, I had placed some suggestions. I had begun to work at that image in October 2010 and finish it in March 2012. But I hadn’t worked continuously on that project. Most of the time I had worked in my spare time at the weekends and between March 2011 and October 2011 and made a creative break.  —Claudius Vesting

Rising Sun

I have worked 2 weeks to make the image and all of it is 3d and composed in Nuke. I used 5 lights, mental ray, skyportals, photometrics and mental ray area. Most of the materials are archdesign and the textures are made in photoshop. I use zbrush for the modeling of some pieces.  —Alberto Trujillo

Not Everybody Made It Home

I was looking over my portfolio one day and was getting fed up of looking at ‘clean’, ‘perfect’ renders and thought to myself “ I want to create a render with mood, feeling ,emotion”. So following on from my passion for the war years, and working only minutes away from Brighton Station I came up with this idea. The idea behind the piece is a wife waiting at the station for troops to arrive home after the war… however, her husband never made it home… Hence the title of the piece ‘Not everybody made it home’.  —Rob Hicklin

City View

This image is part of a project I recently finished whilst at GMJ design. The render came straight from 3DsMax Design using Mental Ray. No post effects were required. The scene only consists of one sky light with its colour matching the blue tint of the background photography and numerous self illuminated objects with the following property settings: not visible to the camera; not visible to reflection/refraction and not to receive or cast shadows. In addition, these objects were scattered across the scene and behind the windows to generate light and colours. (a complete description of the work here.)  —Jamie Cardoso

Immersion “TwinMill”

Agency didn’t have a cad model so I ended up modeling the car from photographs of the real live car. Once the spot finished I wanted to bring out a nice render to show of the car. Spend some nice time modeling in all the detail from the actual car and this is another way to show it of. I always wanted to not just build a car, but something unique and fun. This was a fun project and glad it turned out good. In this still i did the lighting Render in maya mental ray and post in Nuke.  —Felix Esau Urquiza

Furniture Cluster

I got the idea for this image, when i had modeled some furniture for architectural vizualisation renderings and then thought about throwing everything together. I carefully moved and rotated the furniture to build a large cluster. This was actually the hardest part. I’ve then added a really simple environment – a room with 3 windows(at the right, not visible). To make it more interesting I’ve cut a hole in the ceiling and placed a biped on top of the furniture. I first thought about creating an own character, but I didn’t want to spend that much time on this image, so I’ve just used a chrome biped. To add some mood I’ve also added some volume light.  —Mathias Koehler