Brion Family Cementery

This is the Brion Vega family cemetery at San Vito Alitvole (Italy). I’ve modeled using my own shots (I went to the site that is 2 years old) because it is difficult to find blueprints on the web. I like the work of Carlo Scarpa. There are so many details.  —Romain Truffaut

Simple Interior

My name is Eduardo Câmara. I’m a 3D Artist and partner at 4u2see studio in Portugal. This was a personal project of a simple interior. The inspiration came from the work of the 3D master Bertrand Benoit and from the photographer Ditte Isager. The scene was to refresh some of my skills and dive in to Thea Render.  —Eduardo Câmara

Flowers in Full Bloom

In last year , I had a glance at one photograph, so I intended to describe it in CG. Due to my busy business work, I have done it until recently . I modified environment and tones, and added some drops for detail. I comparatively like softness luminous for making tranquil environment effect.  —Chengbin Du

Mill from the River

The Mill is a conceptual architecture project to showcase MP Lighting’s LED products. The concept is an abandoned mill that is re-claimed to become a theater and tapis bar. With the architectural concept, I wanted to retain the focus on the mill building. I also wanted to keep the architecture grounded in the roots of the mill’s industrial heart and history. I thought the best way to achieve this was to slip a glass barn over the top of the old mill.  —Chris Kowal

Knot Knot Knot

[AC-CA] International Architecture Competition – [Amsterdam] Iconic Pedestrian Bridge: Honorable Mention.

Symbolism: a series of knots to connect the two sides wrapping the functions, describing loops.  —Olivier Riauté / KeurK – architecture, design graphique