I came up with this concept last summer and I felt for doing it with more challenging attitude this time then usual. This is the most biggest personal project I’ve done so far. The most challenging part was the table and the ornaments. They are purely modeled in classic poly modeling way. The whole scene had 12 mil polygons in the end and 74 textures varying from 512 to 6k resolution size.  —Andrius Balciunas

Close to the Edge (nudity)

My new artwork. Since 2007 I hadn’t found time or fancy to do some personal stuff. But in fall of 2010 I had an inspiration for a new artwork. My idea was to create an image, with a girl who sits at her window on a rainy day. To give beholders the largest possible room for interpretation, I had placed some suggestions. I had begun to work at that image in October 2010 and finish it in March 2012. But I hadn’t worked continuously on that project. Most of the time I had worked in my spare time at the weekends and between March 2011 and October 2011 and made a creative break.  —Claudius Vesting

My Coach

This project is one of my personal artwork which I have done it after years of experiences. I got the simulation idea when I was all obsessed of my coach’s body style and i was really impressed, that is why I made a decision to work on it, thus I started to get over anatomy a little bit and then create it. I used Autodesk Maya to base model and the details been made in ZBrush. Character texture in ZBrush and other texture was painted in Adobe Photoshop. Lighting and rendering done in Maya with Mental Ray. The hair was done with shave and haircut plugin and composite layer in Nuke and Final output by Photoshop, because it was just an image style.  —Peyman Mokaram

Close Up Portrait

In this series of portraits I have tried to create some realistic images with a photographic approach, in a low key lightning conditions. At first, I wanted to create only one image. I made many tests to find the best angle/lightning/hair, etc but I wasn’t sure wich one was the best, so I decided to go with all this images.  —David Moratilla

Male Portrait

So here’s the finished version of the character I’ve been working on recently. I used 3ds max for scene setup, zbrush for sculpting, texturing and hair, vray for rendering and photoshop for textures and compositing. I also used topogun for retopology and cinema 4d for some minor tweaking and modeling, for example the eyes, eyelashes, lacrimal fluid geometry etc. That’s because I’m more familiar with c4d than with 3ds max.  —Artur Tarnowski