The Reading Corner

Hi, my name is Peter Drew, I am currently working as a Senior Digital Artist at Neoscape in New York. This piece was inspired originally by a picture in a Minotti brochure, however throughout the process, it changed into a cosy space, cluttered with memories and books. It took me about 2 weeks to finish, in my spare time outside of work. I used 3DSMax, Vray for rendering, some Zbrush and Photoshop for post. Thanks for looking.  —Peter Drew

Old Tavern

The client of this wanted an old fashioned Beer tavern, so I searched for references, and a lot of beer mark pics for the pictures on the walls. One of the challenges was trying to capture the cavern like atmosphere for the image. As you know it is tricky to get rid of the 3d feel in the cg images. This atmosphere was accomplished in post production process, which is, I think, the most important step for getting your image to the next level (of course the rest have to be well done too… ) . But is in this stage where you are going to get that extra feel.  —Juan M. Puerta

Landscaping Black Sea Hotel

The landscaping for the “Harmony Hotel Suites 3” (location: Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria) was made from scratch. The client could not give our study a clear direction for the vision of the garden. He only said, “I want a jungle, no asphalt or tiles are allowed, if possible – just grass.” He also showed us some pictures downloaded from the Internet. Some pictures were of Japanese gardens, and some were from New Zealand, photos of Hobbit houses made ​​for the film. So I decided to design a project with a more naturalistic look, more arched forms of streets and green areas. Every morning for a month of hard work, when I sat at my computer I did not know what would happen with the project at the end of the day, the ideas were running through my head all the time.  —Dimitar Gongalov

Vienna Airlines

In the course of the reconstruction of the Viennese Prater, the new attraction “Vienna Airlines” was developed. It´s a motion ride attraction where approx. 30 persons stand on a flexible platform which moves simultaneously with the camera in the shown movie. With Vienna Airlines, these 30 persons fly over the roofs of Vienna. And believe it or not, everything you see in the movie was generated 100% on the computer. It took six month to photograph textures, animate camera path, objects,… and to model objects and buildings. And don’t forget the massive rendering time and compositing time.  —immortal-arts

Vienna Airlines Motionride Wiener Prater

Under the Southern Highway

There isn’t too much I have in mind to say about this artwork. I’ve tried to capture some sort of grayness of life as a man gets older and older as he starts to burn down slowly. Tired of world and its ridiculous patethism. Looking around and see things which I’ve never noticed or needed to notice before as life goes on day after day and priorities of everyday life are changing. Just for the record it is not meant to be some sort of protective image of mothers or old architecture but the coalition/composition of slightly contrasting elements which do exist together and create special places. Whole scene is done as models. No photography used.  —Marek Denko


The bedroom design is mainly done by me, my colleague, the architect Nikolov made ​​plans for the 1st and 2nd floor of the house. For now I have done the kitchen, living room, dining room and guest bedroom on the 1st floor, the following will be the second floor with four bedrooms, one is the master bedroom with walk-in closet and the others are for children. After finishing this house, I have another for the same investor. he wanted interiors with a bit of English style. the Viz were made with 3dsmax 2011, Vray 2.2, Photoshop, Marvelous Design for clothing (sheets, pillows and curtains), and AutoCAD for floor plans.  —Dimitar Gongalov

Brion Family Cementery

This is the Brion Vega family cemetery at San Vito Alitvole (Italy). I’ve modeled using my own shots (I went to the site that is 2 years old) because it is difficult to find blueprints on the web. I like the work of Carlo Scarpa. There are so many details.  —Romain Truffaut

Simple Interior

My name is Eduardo Câmara. I’m a 3D Artist and partner at 4u2see studio in Portugal. This was a personal project of a simple interior. The inspiration came from the work of the 3D master Bertrand Benoit and from the photographer Ditte Isager. The scene was to refresh some of my skills and dive in to Thea Render.  —Eduardo Câmara