White Room

Hello I am Erlon Abrantes and I’m from brazil, the scene is entitled “White Room” and is named for a friend and great artist of Brazilian named João Mendes, he was responsible for my change of Mental Ray to use V-Ray approximately six months ago. In this scene I try to show a nice photographic view using materials and light as natural as possible so that the use of post production was minimal because the render came out of Max almost finished. I hope you enjoy the images and thanks to Javier Diaz for exhibiting my work in his blog.  —Erlon Abrantes

La Habana

I wanted to recreate a Havana style interior, with an emphasis on the feel of comfort despite the run-down condition of the environment. My favourite part of this project was lighting the scene and setting the mood. I like interior images with a strong, direct light source. I wanted hard sunlight in my scene, which in contrast produces soft, bounced light; I used white bounce cards to lighten areas that were too dark. The shoes needed an extra light to make them more noticeable.  —Max Pickl

Neo Roman Penthouse Suite

This is the first interior rendering I’ve done in a good while. I fancied creating a modern office space and combining it with large, stoney, rough features like a cave or castle. The whole process was organic and was kind of like sketching in 3d because I didn’t have a fixed idea or plan of how I wanted the room to look.  —Andy Walsh


Several years ago I came across a book in a bookstore that had some images of Lavoirs from France.  I really liked the architecture and the romanticized idea of people in a community gathering at their town’s lavoir to clean their laundry and themselves etc.  The idea to create a rendering of a lavoir has stuck with me since then but until recently I didn’t own a computer powerful enough to render to the level of detail that I had in mind.  I also lacked free time to do a project like this since my professional work keeps me pretty busy.  Things slowed down recently and I saw an opportunity and I took it.  —Tim Jones

Winter Garden

Hi! I am very happy with the result of my image. The inspiration came from a picture I found online, at first I was doing the same thing, but enjoying the picture, I felt something was missing. I started thinking and talking with my friends and we worked together to create this image, the tree and the fish were modeled by Antonio Peres and the water supply was done in Real-Flow by Igor Sacilotto. This image took me about 2 months using only my free time.  —Leandro Nicolaci

Le Bain

Le Bain was greatly inspired by Orientalists paintings, and shows a scene where two harem women are bathing under the watchful eyes of the eunuch guardian… I wanted the mood warm and peaceful. The modeling was done in Maya and XSI, but in the end I textured and rendered in Max, with Vray. It is lit with a sun and portal lights in the wide door openings. I painted a lot over my last beauty render, especially the characters. They were roughly modeled and served as guides for the painting. The light dust effect was also painted. I should add my thanks to Samuel Jacques for the octogonal table model and Dominique Grandmont for the Shisha.  —Eve Berthelette

Room 206

Room 206, Hotel Polissya. Pripyat ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine. Inspired by a photo by Nadav Kander. Modeling, shading, lighting and rendering done in Maya. Cloth sim (carpet) and tree done in XSI. Fractures done in 3DS Max/Rayfire. Textures and a bit of post in Photoshop.  —Djordje Jovanovic