Light Studies

I woke up this morning with an idea for a rendering using the villa I designed back in undergrad. I also wanted to use this time to experiment with some different lighting conditions. Primarily, how to get the back lit louvers to illustrate properly as well as created depth through the use of fog. This was the first pass, although the louvers still could use some work. I may try a different technique later. As always, I spent most of my time in Photoshop. The initial rendering from Kerkythea was rough and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the look I was going for. However, once I started to insert the surrounding environment, things came together quickly which is typically the case.  —Alex Hogrefe

Pink Palace

This image was created for the competition purpose “Winter 2011 – Amazing Architecture” where I won the 1st prize. The idea came from the animated movie “Coraline”. Since I watched that movie a couple times I have a plan to create something that will remember me by on that movie.  —Milan Stankovic

Winter Night Village

The image was created by me for a series of visualizations of an customer house. Usually for advertising purposes we use sunny daylight mood but in this case we decide to change it. After all we love the result. So its nice to experiment with some alternative kind of presentations!  —Stepan Minaev

412 Broadway

This rendering was commissioned for a multi-family project currently under construction in Seattle. We knew upfront that the viewpoint would be from the northwest, showing its corner site and relationship to Broadway and the new streetcar line. This eliminated the need to model the south and east sides of the building, greatly simplifying the modeling and viewpoint selection.  —Scott Baumberger

Tuscan Villa

A Tuscan style in architecture is warm and is inspired by the textures and colors found in nature. Color options for Tuscany facades and decor are gold and yellow, dark green and sage, different shades of brown and ochre. These earthy stones can be found on walls. These display the strong connection between nature and Tuscan style, so this is my message here in design and visualization. I hope that arrive to each one see this project. I am really happy because the client is satisfied with the final result.  —Mohamed Taher

Lake House

I am always fascinated in natures beauty, living with nature is one of my dream away from busy city life. I made this scene during my free time based on what was on my mind. did some freehand sketches first then modeled and rendered the scene in 3ds max, vray and in Photoshop.  —C. Negradas Jr.


My latest work for William O’Brien Jr., Architect, vray everything, DOF, glare, bloom, fog, and all in one pass with almost no post production at all. I also used forest by itoosoft extensively. I am very grateful to my client for his patience and willingness to try new things. Some things I tested didn’t end up making it to the final images though! I tried making frost covered windows, and snow cover on the roofs, but they ended up being distracting to the architecture. Its easy to get carried away with small details and forget that the focus of all the images should be the architecture.  —Peter Guthrie