City View

This image is part of a project I recently finished whilst at GMJ design. The render came straight from 3DsMax Design using Mental Ray. No post effects were required. The scene only consists of one sky light with its colour matching the blue tint of the background photography and numerous self illuminated objects with the following property settings: not visible to the camera; not visible to reflection/refraction and not to receive or cast shadows. In addition, these objects were scattered across the scene and behind the windows to generate light and colours. (a complete description of the work here.)  —Jamie Cardoso


“Steamboat” was created as a part of the project “A postcard from St. Stephan”. Since the complete architectonic project is located in the hills above the sea, the render “Steamboat” is made with an intention to emphasize the architect’s idea to design his project as an old steamboat.  —Tomislav Lalic

Housing in Copenhague

This is a personal project. That has allowed us to change the common focus of our commercial images from just explaining a building to trying to transmit sensations. In this case architecture acts as a background. Night mood contributes to the scene’s drama. Behind lit windows we tend to imagine warm homes, and that’s the contrast that we needed for our cold and wet dock.  We didn’t found plans so model was made from reference photographs. It was done in 3dsMax + Vray.  The building was designed by BIG architects and it’s places at Copenhagen (Denmark).
Hope you like it and hope to hear your comments. Greetings from Barcelona.  —Render y Arquitectura 3D

Guanajuato Alley

I was visiting Guanajuato an old Colonial city in México, truly inspiring place, with amazing architecture, cozy alleys, colorful buildings, and a lot of tunnels, a must visiting city, and I get the inspiration from there.  —Eugenio García Villareal

AP002T Tower

This is a personal project I made to study specific rendering styles of  MIR or Luxigon. Camera Angle is inspired by an image by MIR (Moonhyun Towe – Dark Tower). The goal was to approach these styles without being exactly the same, trying to get one of my own. I think the final image is more near Luxigon style than MIRs one.  —Nicolas Richelet