Le Bain

Le Bain was greatly inspired by Orientalists paintings, and shows a scene where two harem women are bathing under the watchful eyes of the eunuch guardian… I wanted the mood warm and peaceful. The modeling was done in Maya and XSI, but in the end I textured and rendered in Max, with Vray. It is lit with a sun and portal lights in the wide door openings. I painted a lot over my last beauty render, especially the characters. They were roughly modeled and served as guides for the painting. The light dust effect was also painted. I should add my thanks to Samuel Jacques for the octogonal table model and Dominique Grandmont for the Shisha.  —Eve Berthelette

3 comments on “Le Bain

    • Yup, I think the artist really achieve their goal with the orientalist painting project. As she said most of the beauty details are handmade and for me that is a big part of the beauty of this scene.

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